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Times E-PARK is situated in the Tianhe Smart City, a new town for key strategic development in Guangzhou. The Smart City, as a strategic development platform in Guangzhou and one of the economic "dual cores" in the Tianhe District, focuses on the development of intellect industry and will become a new engine of and new direction for Tianhe development in the near future.

The project covers a land area of 42,000 square meters and a total floor area of 116,000 square meters. The project is located in the core section of Tianhe Smart City, near Metro Line 21, and thus affords great convenience in transportation. Its location near Huolu Mountain Forest Park and Wetland Park highlights its value as a green, ecological office location.

Times E-PARK is positioned as a new-generation ecological and smart business park. The project, oriented by corporate and employee needs, frees people from the suffering of working in traditional CBD office cubicles, as well as the cold environment and atmosphere arising from traditional office, integrates different elements, such as office, ecology, intelligence, social interaction and residential life, in one park, saves the operating costs for enterprises, expands business channels, unleashes creativity and inspire the employees, improves employees' work efficiency, upgrades the commercial life quality, and creates a virtuous cycle of double ecological circles.

100 meters to the south of the junction of Huaguan and Gaotang roads, Tianhe District, Guangzhou


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