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Times Neighborhood, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Times China Holdings Limited (01233.HK), is one of the core business segments of Times China.

It is an excellent, integrated and technology-based property service that brings together property services, intelligent buildings, financial operation, and research and development. Subsidiaries of Times Neighborhood include property service companies, such as Times Property Management, Dongkang Property Management and Wanning Property Management; a community-based O2O company named Times Neighborhood Network Technology; an engineering service called Neighborhood Intelligent Engineering; community financial and wealth management companies, such as Jun'an Elevator and Times Credit & Financing; and Times Neighborhood Academy, a school that cultivates professional property management talent.

By creating a comprehensive life-service platform, Times Neighborhood heralds a new expression of intelligence and convenience while providing all-round life services to cover residence, dining/catering, tourism, wealth management, culture, education, health and elderly care.

Adhering to the business philosophy of "offering more people a better life", Times Neighborhood adopts the platform of "high-quality service + much-needed products + household life," forms a full-life-cycle "1 + N" industry chain based on property services, continues to improve its product quality, and strives to be a global excellent life service platform.

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